Wednesday, August 15, 2012

I have a blog?

For a while now, I've been told I should blog about all my projects that I do. Be it for the house, or my yard projects or anything else I'm working on.   I'm not sure how long I will blog, or what I will blog about after I'm done everything... but I'm sure I will think of something.

So... what should my first blog be about? I'm not sure... Maybe my newest project? Sure... I can do that.

When we got married, we had enough cash gifts that we were able to purchase a used table and chair set. It was well used when we got it, and has only become more used and is really starting to show it's age.  The chairs aren't falling apart yet, but we don't let the boys sit on them for fear that their wiggling will cause them to collapse. The table has 4 definite spots at it, while the table leaf still looks almost brand new.  But, I'm rambling... the point of this paragraph was to lead in to my new project.  I'm building my own dining room table. I've had all the materials for a few months already, but in all honesty, I've been scared to start this project - I mean - we will eat from this table, it will get used every day, and what if I build it crooked or it's uneven, or what if it falls apart the first time I have company over??? I want it to last, maybe even become a family heirloom. (wishful thinking!). I have a very good friend who let me help myself to floor boards from a house that is about 100 or slightly more years old. The flooring is from the attic, so it's still very nice.  This flooring will become my new table top.  Now for the legs.  You know how expensive antique legs are??? Or new oak newel posts? (enough oak for 4 legs would have cost me about $500).  My solution? Patio posts, at about $28 a piece. So much more manageable. So - here's a few pictures to show my progress so far. 

So - you can see how tall the posts are, and I only needed 31" (standard table legs are about 28", but my Hubs is 6', I'm 5'11", and both boys are going to be tall, so I made it taller) I had to cut a section out of the top (which will be the bottom), and then I was able to get the length I needed. The balls will become the feet.

After the legs were screwed together and filled with wood filler where the cut line was - I dinged them up with the hammer.  In hindsight I should have used the head of the hammer a little more than the claws.  The claws left lots of little triangular holes, but it looks ok.  I painted them the same colour as the base cabinets in my kitchen, and I painted the framing as well.  The top little picture shows how the frame will go between the legs.  And with a little help from my wonderful Father in law - I know now how to attach the legs for maximum support.

And - this is as far as I've gotten. Not bad for two days work.  Tomorrow is a photo shoot with a friend and her two little mini horse foals.  We will see how that goes.


  1. Yay for your first blog post. I can't wait to see more.

  2. Great blog! I always enjoy your I get a chance to see more of them up close and personal!

  3. I will make sure I post more pictures here than I do on Facebook and

  4. Good job on your first blog post! Look forward to following you! LilPenny AKA: 2xBlessed

  5. What a great project.
    Love that you have started this blog too. I love seeing and reading about your projects and adventures.