Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Dining Room Table - Part 2

Today I was able to work on the table some more.  My Father-in-law stopped by the other day to pick up my oldest for a motorcycle ride, and I was so glad he did, because I needed help.  In a big way... I had started to predrill the holes for my dowels, and of the 9 I predrilled, I messed up 5. Not a good ratio. So my Father-in-law very willingly helped. 
So let's play catch up from the last entry. Table legs and framework had been painted. 
Here I am getting the framework lined up between the legs, and measuring where the holes would go. 
Yeah, I didn't take any pictures of the messed up holes... or my Father-in-law helping. By the time I thought of taking some, he had left for home.  Got the dowels in, and glued. Used a tarp strap to hold it in place while the glue dried. 

Added my braces, 3 of the 4 were nice. The 4th, I messed up. It got cut a little smaller than the rest, so I tried to cut a little groove into it with my miter saw, so it would fit around the corner of the leg... well, it shifted and got snagged, and I'm really hoping that I didn't wreck my saw. Will have to get my Father-in-law over again to see.
It's up! And level! And solid! No wobbles. :) Was a little concerned, I'd flipped it over and have one leg inches shorter than the others. 
I've been wanting to use this on a project for a long time. I purchased it years ago for a craft and it's just been sitting and waiting ever since. 

Well, here it is. I'm still a little hesitant over the colour. I'm hoping that with the colour of the wood for the top, the cream will mellow a bit. It's feeling sort of yellow at the moment. 
Hopefully, it will be better in the brighter sun of daytime, then in the dark living room.
Tomorrow, I will be starting with the wooden top. Plus some house cleaning, and bread making....


  1. Wow that looks fantstic! I like the weathered look.

  2. It's looking great Krista!
    Miss CA

  3. Oh that weathered wood stuff is right up my alley! Sweet!

  4. looking really good! can't wait to see the finished product!! ~Amanda