Friday, August 17, 2012

Apple Picking

This afternoon, the boys and I headed out to a friend's parents place. Her Mom has apples trees, lots of apple trees... and of course, I didn't bring the camera... oh well. Guess if I want pictures of the apple trees, I can go back.  The trees were so full of apples that the branches were touching the ground.  We were only there about an hour. Half of that was spent at the trees, picking and talking.  We only took apples from one tree, and only as high as we could reach. I filled 5 grocery bags so full, they overflowed inside the trunk of the car.  Picked up a big bag of sugar on my way home, and it was off to work I go. 

 I dumped one bag into the sink, and washed them off. Found a few friendly little ladybugs, who were removed and placed onto my house plants.
 Then I chopped up enough to fill my pot and placed on stove.
  They were hardly simmering when the boys came down to inhale the wonderful scent of hot apples.

 After they were all soft and mushy, I started the time consuming job of squishing out the good stuff. So thankful, that I have one of these cone sieves and the mallet/roller thingy.

Then I added some sugar - just enough for our own tastes (we like it a little sweeter).

Reheated it, and then bagged it.  I choose to freeze it in 2 cup measurements as that's just about right for us for one meal. And in bags frozen flat - they don't take up a whole lot of space in the freezer.

I got 16 - 2cup bags.  That's just from 2 grocery bags of apples, I still have three more to do tomorrow.  Feet and back are sore - but I know come winter, we will be glad for my hard work and the tasty applesauce.

Added on Saturday - I got a total of 44 cups of applesauce, and 50 cups of sliced for apple crisp, and 50 cups of just sliced (will deal with that in winter).


  1. Great pics of your apple festival!

  2. sounds wonderful!!! send some my way! ~Amanda

  3. Homemade applesauce...yum! I never tried making my own, thanks for sharing the process.

    1. You are welcome Brandi - if you like it sweeter, just add more sugar, if you want it a little more tart - then don't add as much. :) Enjoy. :)