Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Horsey Adventure

Once upon a time, a horsey adventure with Shari and I - involved riding horses and usually some sort of riding stunt, or accident... Today, however, was spent with two little foals, and by little, I mean little - they are about 28-30" tall. A handsome little stud and an elegant little filly. Here's a few of my favorite photos.

Meet Chillie (the handsome little stud):

Here he's showing off his rearing skills. Wasn't really enjoying that strange contraption on his head (he's not halter broken). 
 Here's a few close ups.

This is Emms. She's my favorite non-niece niece. (if that makes sense).  This little one is a trooper. She was diagnosed with leukemia at age 3. She's currently in remission. She handles her chemo with pep and attitude and a little bit more. (although I'm sure Shari will readily agree that it's been one very long, long road). Emms has a long road ahead of her - she's still on monthly chemo, but she's fighting it. She attended her first horse show this summer, and won a few ribbons. She has this way with horses, that is almost magical, and the way the horses love her? It's unbelievable. Not only is she a figher, but she is my hero. 

And here's Rae (that oh so divinely elegant filly):

She's what Shari calls a "boring sorrel", but I have to admit - the way her coat gleamed in the sunlight today - there was nothing boring about her.  She's got the longest neck (which she's not really showing here), legs that are as long as her Mom's already, and a topline (the line of her back), that is almost table top straight.

Here's Shari and Rae enjoying a relaxing moment. Poor Rae was also not used to the halter, and fought it pretty good - so a relaxing moment was needed.  See that neck? It does get longer than that yet.

A wonderful shot of her legs - Shari says with legs like this - she will make a stunning driving horse, plus with her elegant looking face - she can be shown in halter classes as well.

Thanks for the great day Shari - and for letting me be your "official" horse photographer.


  1. Thank YOU Krista! I think you're officially my "equine photographer"- amazing work you do!
    And yes, we've "downsized" our horsey adventures in our old age, haven't we? lol

  2. I really gotta get out your way. With a sister in your neighbourhood, I just got no excuse.

  3. Lisa - no more excuses... get out here! :)