Monday, September 8, 2014

My Current Obsession

Yeah, I know... I haven't blogged in ages.  Just forgot about it I guess.  Well, want to see what I've been doing since January of this year?  First all, a little back story.  

Once upon a time, there was a little girl.  She wasn't quite your typical girl with a pile of dolls and lots of pink and ribbons.  She wasn't neat and tidy, but rather a bit of a mess! 
She played with dolls, but would rather make sure her dolls had a nice house to live in, or if the Barbies went camping, she'd spend hours making a campground for them.  Little boardwalks, fire-rings, little treehouses in the trees for her Sister's Barbie kids. Corrals for the horses, that her Barbie would bring. But playing? No, she was too busy with all the other stuff.
She never owned her own dollhouse, but rearranged both of her Sister's houses lots. 
Eventually she grew up, got married and had... 2 boys!
So, she put dollhouse on her Christmas wish list, and there it stayed, for a very, very long time.  Until one day this January, she found a wooden kit on the local classifieds and bought it herself.  She finally has her own dollhouse. 
By the way, that little girl was me! (Just in case you were confused!)

So, in January, this is how my dollhouse looked...

It was still in it's box, expect for some pieces in a pail. A lot of those pieces had been removed from their original sheet and I was left to figure out where they belonged. There was also a few broken pieces. 
So, I used some big ziploc bags and got them all sorted. Also glued and mended the broken ones. 

My house today looks like this....

 I'll have to get a better whole picture of it.  

It sure has been fun to do. Lots of little detail and fun finding thrift store items to turn into dollhouse furniture. Also some amazing tutorials found here:

Here's some inside shots of the house:

Putting wallpaper on the walls.  I choose a small print scrapbook paper.  This room will become the bathroom on the second floor. The second photo is the main entry, which will also be the dining room.

Here's the dining room all put together. 
 The living room

This room  has the bed in it that I made following a tutorial I found at the link I  mentioned above.  The bed is too big for this room, so it's moving across to the other upstairs room. Second photo is the bedroom.

A full view of the inside.

Here's a few things I've made for the house:

Bedframe and mattresses

Cabinet for the bathroom - I see little towels rolled up on the shelves, a dish of soap, and M'lady's perfume bottles. Maybe even a little mirror.

The book this lady is holding.  She's just a Christmas tree topper - will find an actual Lady of the house yet.

 A potted plant for out in the conservatory.

 The linens for her bed - old hankies come in very handy. 

A potted plant for in the dining room.

A sideboard for her dining room.

The artwork is from my Mom.  The fireplace was a creation from my own mind.  Bookshelf in the background is from a friend - she found it at the thrift store and bought it for me.  Now to fill it with books.

Here's a few odds and ends:

Artwork. The frames were picked up at the thrift shop. The artwork in the first frame is from my Mom. Second frame came with that artwork.

Gardening tools - M'Lady is a little eccentric and loves to kick the Gardener out and putter around in the dirt herself.

The washtub, although it's currently being used to store firewood by the fireplace.

Fresh milk

A patio set another friend gave me. 

The kittens at play were a gift from my Mom. The mama cat was a toy of my youngest son. 

Cushions made for the patio set.


 On display

That's about it for dollhouse stuff at the moment.  I'm still playing with pieces for it, but there's a list of other things I need to get done.  Can't just play all day. 

Thanks for looking, hope you enjoy. 


  1. Hi Krista
    Just had a read through your very well written blog. My you are creative! Love the latest update with the story of how you got the dolls house. What a lovely house it is.
    Best wishes

  2. Lovely blog Krista , Your dolls house and the items in it are wonderful too!