Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Dollhouse Update...

I've been enjoying my new hobby.... It's been lots of fun creating tiny things.  I even made the house bigger as 4 rooms and an attic just wasn't enough, so now it has a bright sunny kitchen.  So here's a few pictures. 

I found this cute little pair at the local thrift store.  They like to hide behind the potted plants on her patio.

For fall, I reused an old decoration I was going to toss.  Put the little scarecrows around the house, and some pumpkins I made. 

Here's the little pumpkins - made from Sculpey.

and some tomatoes...

and some navel oranges....

 and some carrots....

It sure was tedious and hard on the hands, but somehow relaxing all the same. 

To determine how big of a kitchen I  needed, I started with a cardboard mock-up.

Then I bought the wood, and started cutting it to fit.  Got to play with a new toy.  This new toy decided to come home and live with me.  :) 

Dry fit - looks pretty good. 

 Getting it glued and nailed in place, got the new doorway cut out as well.

Took a moment to bake some bread...

I also made a geranium for the kitchen. Which got painted a cheery yellow.

 Found a Christmas tree and some lights.  Also found my little rocking horse, so it got put beside the tree.

Kitchen mostly complete - walls painted, beams in place, trim up. Now comes the fun part. Making the cabinets!

My Mom gave me a little silver tea set - so an upcoming project will be a tea trolley.

Found a tutorial online for copper pots - really simple project. Longest part was waiting for the glue to dry.  

Creating a basket - this is my first attempt. A pain in the butt to make, but fairly simple to do.

The complete basket. 

Kitchen utensils.  

Perfume and lotion bottles. 

And the house in it's new location.

There's been a few real sized house projects on the go. Last night we moved the computers into the seldom used living room, and now it's our family room. 

Which meant that the office/library became just a library.  Some of the bookshelves got moved together to make the base for the house, and this is what the rest of the space looks like. 

Not much else has been happening on the home reno list.  I do have a list of smaller projects that I'm hoping to start later in the week.  It's time to get those done....


  1. Your colour detail on the veggies is amazing!

  2. I am totally amazed and impressed!!!!!!!!!!! Your patience and talent in making these items is awesome. Love the pumpkins and the basket....from the tiniest to the biggest....everything is fabulous!!!

  3. Beautiful Miniatures Krista and all your own work too! The perfume bottles and sculpey pumpkins are marvelous!!!!

  4. It's great to see all your work Krista. Its coming together beautifully.