Tuesday, September 11, 2012

When cleaning the basement is blog worthy?!

It's been a busy week here.School started on the 6th, Sunday was our Church's fall kick-off, and Monday I spent the day with my boss meeting clients. (almost 7 hours on heels! Not a good combo - I may have to invest in flats for future meetings).

I haven't started any new projects recently. So, today you get to see my "cleaned-up" basement work area.  Decided it was time to clean up my catch all of a work bench and the overflow. Our basement isn't very big (it's like a rectangle - one long side is made up of the laundry room, stairs from the upstairs and furnace room, the other long side is one open space - which has our deep freeze, my mountain of Christmas decor, my work bench and junk... lots of junk...) It's not heated very well or even insulated very well, so it's a cold unfinished ugly basement, it's also very low (which is so annoying when one is 5'11" tall) - so needless to say, it's not an often used area.
I did a small "reno" on the laundry room a couple months ago. Got sick of the crumbing cement walls.
I covered the walls with cardboard and then painted them. It sure brightened up the space and made it look a little better. Not much, but a little bit!

Anyways, I think I'm rambling....
Where was I? hmmm, small basement, overflow... oh yes. My messy work bench. It was so messy, I was able to use the photo for my photo group. The word was "hidden", my work bench fit it exactly. 
See, quite a mess. 
First up in this photo is my pile of still usable trim, mdf, plywood pieces, drywall pieces and whatever other pieces of other projects that I've saved, thinking I would be able to reuse them. I have plans for some of them. Some I don't.
Those colourful chairs were part of a Christmas present to Cody the one year. The table has since bit the bucket. A niece (who was tinier than Crispin) body slammed Crispin into it - and the table is no more! Tough little chicky, I like her! :)  
Looking further up in the photo is my workbench (which is the door from the laundry room on my sawhorses) - it works. And on the workbench - is a mess. The teal bin is full of picture frames, tool box is open because it's so full I can't stuff anything more in it or close the lid. There's random tools all over the bench, containers of mismatched nails and screws, some separated, some mixed. Garbage and other junk randomly placed precariously on top. 

 See? It's full. There's even an old chandelier buried in there. Had plans for that for outside. Guess that will be on the list for next summer. The orange cord from the ceiling is my trouble light cord. The basement is quite dark, and I need more light so I hung the trouble light from the ceiling. However, it lit the wall up more than the table. I'll fix that yet. 

Look! Progress was made! First, I swept and used the shop vac to clean up Shelob (she's the spider from Lord of the Rings - the boys like to tease me that she lives down there) and all her minions and their webs. shudder, shudder.....
Then I put the workmate and step ladder neatly in the corner, used some mismatched shelving brackets and added a shelf, added a few screws to hang stuff on - my Grandpa's work belt, the cord for the trouble light - which I tied on it's side, so now it aims down at the table, extension cords (there were 4 on the table - didn't know we owned that many) got hung up. Then I found all the random containers and paper bags of screws and nails. Found some free printable labels from here: http://kaylaaimee.typepad.com/ce_jour/freebies-updated-723.html
They are a little feminine, but then, so am I.  And grabbed a pile of mason jars.  Then I started organizing. Some of the screws were still labeled in their bags (decking 3", flooring 1 3/4"...) so those were easy. The rest I just put into jars according to their size.  Then I did the same with the nails. 
Emptied out the tool box, cleaned up all the garbage - got a full bag, and called it quits. I've got more to do down there, want to add another shelf under the screws.  The wood pile needs some work, but I can't do that till I clean up all the old boxes, which can't happen till I get the Hubby to clean up the random old computers and all that goes with them. And then the Christmas stuff needs to get cleaned up a bit, and then I think I can start cleaning up the rest. Hopefully by the end of the week (wishful thinking? I'll keep you posted), my basement will be clean. 

Well, supper is starting to smell really good. Should probably go eat! 

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