Saturday, September 29, 2012

Finished the Basement

Yesterday, I remembered that it been awhile since I've written on my blog.
I finally, finished cleaning up the basement, and boy does it look so much bigger. 
Remember what it started out as? 
Really messy work bench.
Really messy scrap storage
 Really messy rest of basement.
 Well, I got to work and in a week and a bit, here's what happened. 
I sorted all the screws and nails and put them in labeled glass jars.
Added some shelves for storage, and found one of the old kitchen cabinets that we saved 
and added it here as well. I hung up my trouble light so it's aiming down at the table instead of at the wall. Added a nail for my tool belt, swept and swept and swept again, and then used the shop vac to
clean the floor and the ceiling. I hate spiders and their webs. Many innocent spiders lost their lives that day. Found my old stereo from Bible School days, dug through the huge box of cables that Jeff had collected and found a cord that fit and worked. So I now have music down here when I'm working. The cardboard pieces did get moved after I took this photo.
 The other side got a good going over. You can see the cardboard behind the printer. The corner where the office chair is, now houses a new shelving unit. On that shelving unit is all the computer stuff Jeff wanted to keep. The chairs are a future project. The wooden office chair will be refinished. The green kids chair will get a better paint job than green with a big red tomato on it. The chair is too wobbly for the kids to use, so it may get put outside in spring with a planter on it. If I can just figure out a way to seal it so if it gets wet, it won't get wrecked.
 My new scrap storage - this made the biggest difference. I got a bunch of big brackets and added them to the wall. All my long trim is up off the floor, my smaller mdf pieces are on shelves. I even made a 2x4 platform for my big pieces of wood and drywall to rest on. You will notice that everything is up off the cement - our basement floods if we get lots of rain, so everything gets off the floor. I want to get the freezer up onto 2x4's yet at some point, but I need stronger people than the boys to help me with that. The drawer is what is left from C2's old built in bed, and on top of that is a few random boxes of left over laminate. Which just might find a new home on the floor of my garden shed. Not sure where else I will use it. There's 1 box and a bit from one floor, and not quite 2 boxes from the other. 2 different colours and thicknesses. So I can't combine them.
So far it's been pretty easy keeping it clean. However, that being said, I actually haven't done any new projects, so that could be why it's still clean. 
My list of things I still want/need to do? I want a black board on the one wall, so I have an area where I can write out my DIY projects, or draw out a sketch of a project that I see in my head and need to figure out how to do it. Besides, I like chalkboards - they're fun. I also want to add some plastic to the ceiling, at least above my work area, so that the cobwebs and dust stay in the ceiling and not on me!

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