Saturday, September 1, 2012

A Few Issues and Changes

Well, we had our first company over for supper with the new table. We all managed to get around the table, and there was room at our elbows for even more people if we needed it to  be. So glad that I made the table big enough for lots of company.
Mom W. - sorry for this not so nice photo of you! I think you were talking! 
So what this photo doesn't show is how awkward the bench is to actually sit on, and how tight the corner between Dad and Mom is. 
Issue #1: Bench
- it's too short for the height of the table
- the mattress is wider than the bench seat, which means that when the kids kneel on it (so they can reach the top of the table), it flips up and they slide off
Issue #2: Tight Corner
- Dad had to crawl under the table to reach his seat, because the corner was so tight he couldn't fit through. 
While it was fun for the kids to see Grandpa crawl under the table - I can't imagine any other company willing to do the same. 

So how we resolved it? Mom and I waited till Dad and Jeff left the house, and we rearranged furniture.  And we were having so much fun, I forgot to take before pictures.  
Here's a before of where the buffet used to sit (Taken in November of 2010)
Makes me realize that I should take more pictures of the house a little more often. Between Nov '10 and now, not much changed on that buffet - plants were all still there, just the tablecloth was removed. But that's where the buffet has sat since we got it. 
Now, the bench sits in this location.
We won't use the bench for at the table unless absolutely needed.  The table now has more room around it. Just need another chair for one of us to sit on, guess I will just use the spare office chair till we find another one.
Because we moved the bench under the window, the buffet needed a new home. 
So - it got moved to the library.
So this isn't really a good shot of my library before, but I will try to describe it as best I can. This is my antique sleeping bench, it used to sit under the window. There was a bookshelf to the right of it, and a magazine rack to the left.  Here is what it looks like today.
We moved the sleeping bench to the other wall, scooted the bookshelf that was there, closer to the window.  The magazine rack has a new home under the window, the buffet is to the right of the window and we were finally able to add the mirror to the top of it. Couldn't before, because it took up too much window space.  Not much more changed, but it sure makes the space look cozy. DH still has enough room by his office chair, that he's not feeling crowded, and there's still room for us to all sit and read. One little bookshelf (the one that used to be were the buffet sits) had to be removed from the room, but it didn't go that far. And it works where it is now, too. Someday, I hope to have lots of floor to ceiling bookshelves in this room, but with the way I love to move furniture, maybe moveable ones are best! :) 

It's not big changes, but it works for us.


  1. Hey! You got your picture shelves up! :) And if you need a home for that buffet, I know someone who house it for ya! LOL! (I know you won't part with it, but it had to be said).

    1. Picture shelves have been up for a while. :) And nope, the buffet has a new home in my library. I'm loving it there.