Friday, November 23, 2012

Deck the Halls

"It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas, every where you go"
I love decorating for Christmas, in fact, I think it's hereditary.  My Mom has had her trees (yes - plural, as in more than one, even more than two!) up since Thanksgiving back in October. I'm not entirely sure if they are decorated yet, but they are up. Guess when you leave for a month of holidays, decorating might wait. But the trees are up!  My youngest sister usually beats me with getting hers up, but I'm not usually far behind. 
This year took a bit longer for me to get it up and decorated. First I had to find a spot for our tree. This hasn't been a problem in the past - it has a perfect spot, but since last Christmas, our living room has acquired a new computer desk for the boys, and a large plant and stand, and another chair. The leg is broken on the love seat, which means it needs to have our wooden storage bench behind it to hold it up... so moving the loveseat wasn't going to happen.  However, I got everything where I thought it needed to go, and I HATED it... the tree looked wrong, the loveseat kept tipping (because I needed to move the bench, so that I could move the loveseat back a bit, so that I could move the couch, so that I could get the tree where I thought I wanted it) Yep, sounds a little bit like "This is the House that Jack built".  However, my version is better. So after moving that all around and getting my tree up (which is a pain as every branch is individually put on!), I hated it.... so it sat, and sat and sat... and the kids begged and begged and begged for me to decorated it (if it hadn't been such a pain to take down, I would have put it away just to see the reactions on their faces when they got home from school)! Mean Mom aren't I?! Anyways... long and short of it - I put the tree where it always goes, and love it there.  But to do that, I needed to move the bench (again), move the plant and stand, and move the love seat. And then drag my huge tree across the living room. I don't have pictures of the mess that I made! Was a little too occupied trying to get it where I wanted it.
So, here is my tree.  Gold, burgundy and clear lights. Looks like I forgot the tree skirt... oh well, it's there now. 
 Even played with my settings and finally figured out how to do a "bokah" shot - love the way the lights look like this.
 Close up - a little over exposed - but I kind of like it. :) 
Can almost read by those lights!
 The next spot I decorated was my antique buffet.  For years, I've had this in my dining room with plants on it, and unable to decorate it. This year, we moved it to the library, and I can finally decorate it.  I knew that it would be the perfect spot for my Nativity.  I don't need to cram it into a little space - can stretch it out a little more.
 The facial expressions that the artist drew onto the people is just incredible.  The wisemen look like they are just full of awe, makes me wonder what they thought as they followed the star, to see the Messiah. What went through their thoughts when they found the tiny child in a humble home, the adopted son of an unimportant carpenter. 
 My most favorite person in my Nativity set is Mary.  According to Scriptures - she was a young girl. And not only was she young, but she was told her Baby would be the Messiah, the Saviour. Born of her, to save her and the rest of mankind. How did she feel, as that tiny baby grew in her womb, what did she do, the first time she felt those soft butterfly kicks inside and knew that was the Son of God kicking her?!  How did she feel when she gazed into his tiny, crying newborn wrinkled face? What did she think when the shephards approached to worship him? When the strangers from away, showed up and worshiped him. Brought gifts that were worth so much more than a poor family could ever imagine.  The look of love and awe that are painted on her face bring me to tears every time I set this set up.
  Next up was my village. Normally, I try to find a big spot to put this were it's not going to get bumped or hit but still visible. For years, it's been on top of  the living room bathroom (ceiling is flat - makes a perfect display area). But this year, I thought of an even better spot... on the floor underneath my antique bench and in some old crates.  I love it.  First of all, I had to fix a few pieces that were victims of a bouncy ball last Christmas. Thankfully, the extreme hold crazy glue I have works wonders.
 I put my woodland stuff into the crates that are beside the bench. One of our new item for this year - is the little triple light lamp post. Crispin picked that one out.
 The rest of the village went under the bench. Far enough back that we can't kick it with our feet when we sit on the bench, but still close enough that we can see it when we walk around.  I'm not liking that I can still see cords, but as I don't have a better way to hide them, I will live with it.
 Finally fixed this little piece.  The little boy on the hobby horse decided to take a spill, so he's all glued back together now too.
 My dancing couple, enjoying a quick twirl, brought on by the musical accompaniment of the children and their instruments.
 The other new purchase was a set of single lamp posts. Cody decided we had to get these ones, as they look like the lamp post from Narnia. So of course we had to get them. Every village needs a Narnian lamp post (and we have two!)
 On of my favorite pieces is the Library building.  I love how the kids are around the table reading a book. And look so excited to see what is in that book. As we are a family of readers - this is perfect. :)
After the village, then I did some garland around the doors, hung some huge decorations in the windows, and strung lights and decorated the kids tree upstairs.  But, I only have pictures of the upstairs. 
It's bright enough up there, that we don't even need to turn on the hall light when we tuck the kids in. There's 300 lights around the door frames, baseboards, roof-line and stairwell.  The kids love it. And as it's mostly the kids that are upstairs - I will put up with the garishly bright multi-coloured lights! (not my favorite, but I do it for the kids)
Next up was a couple of projects inspired by pinterest (whoever made that site was nasty... way to addicting.... but I've sure had fun getting ideas from it.) Will try to post the original pin and then my version...

Project #1

My Version

Project #2
 Pinned Image
(couldn't find where the original post)

My Versions

Christmas music has been playing just about non-stop. If I'm not at my computer listening to that play list, then it's going on the tv, loud enough that I can hear it through the house. And if I get tired of that play list, I've got a dozen or more CD's that are waiting.... 

I've got Christmas pictures of the boys as well, but those will wait till I get the cards all out to family and friends. :) 

Well, I think that's all for today.  Enjoy your day.


  1. Everything is gorgeous! I love your journaling about the faces of the Nativity people. I have those same thoughts when I look at them. We are truly blessed that we KNOW what Christmas is truly all about! Merry Christmas to you and your family feom me and Daisy!

  2. You are inspiring me to get my decorations up and (get my pinterest on)!! Love the bokeh!!

  3. LOVE it! Not sure when I will get to mine.